Best Websites or Apps to Chat with Strangers 2022

Humanity at present is going through a very difficult phase. Everyone has had to go through a series of personalized quarantines and regional lockdowns. This has cut most of us away from the people we know and care about. This is when a lot of issues regarding depression and loneliness kicks in. And this is definitely the time we need to stay away from all those negatives and keep ourselves productive and positive. This is where comes the use of a few selected apps or websites where you can meet new people and keep your social life moving.

Nowadays, where social media plays a very important part in your life, you often see yourself discussing your issues with a person you have never met before. You find yourself confiding in these people, and you often create bonds with them. In most of these cases, you meet good-hearted and genuine people, but at the same time, there is a possibility of you falling into trouble. Today we will be discussing some of the best apps and websites that allow you to talk to strangers across the globe and be friends with them.

Websites to Chat with Strangers Online

The list of websites and apps that allow talking to strangers is:-

  1. Chat Avenue
  2. Omegle
  3. Wireclub
  4. Free Chat Now
  5. Stranger Meetup
  6. Chatblink
  7. Chatiw
  8. Chatib
  9. Chatrandom
  10. Bazoocam
  11. Chatroulette

Now let us discuss the features of these apps and websites in detail.

Chat Avenue

Chat Avenue is one of the best apps available in the play store, which allows you to interact with strangers online. This app provides a free chat room for everyone. You can chat with people anonymously, or else you can create a user name. There are different chat rooms available according to your preference.

The different chat rooms available are adult chat for grown-ups, teen chat for teenagers, and kids chat for kids. They have a chat room for single people. They have a gay chat for gays and a lesbian chat for lesbians, and many more. Chat Avenue offers chat rooms for everyone. These chat rooms are moderated and come with a lot of features such as including a friends system, play music, customization of the profiles completely, sharing pictures, and have a wall system. This app is free and can be downloaded by anyone having an android phone. It has a VIP option which unlocks many more features.


  • Different chat rooms are available according to your preference.
  • You can text.
  • You can do video calls and audio calls.
  • All age groups are allowed to join.


  • You can chat anonymously.
  • You can use it without creating an account.


  • Providing personal details could make you fall in trouble.


Omegle is an online chat room that allows strangers from across the world to communicate with each other. Omegle chat has different options, which are you can talk to someone picked at random or have one on one conversations. You can exit a chat anytime you want. You can chat with people without disclosing your identity.

You can add your interests so that you can interact with people who have similar tastes. You don’t have to create an account or give any of your personal details to start chatting.


  • Allows you to exit a chat anytime time you want.
  • You can audio and video call.
  • You can add your interests.


  • You can chat without creating an account.


  • There can be sexual predators there.


Wireclub is a website that offers you a place to chat with your friends as well as with strangers. They respect your privacy and do not put a limit on the number of posts you can upload.

Wireclub allows you to talk to people anonymously, and you can give as few details as you want about yourself. It is always advised to keep your identity a secret.


  • Wireclub respects your privacy to a great extent.
  • You can talk to both friends and strangers.


  • It allows you to keep your identity a secret.
  • It does not keep a limit on the number of posts.


  • Losing your identity can lead you to trouble.

Free Chat Now

Free Chat Now is among the top websites that allow you to chat with random people. It is user-friendly and has been around since 1990.

To use Free Chat Now, all you have to do is enter a username, your date of birth, and gender and then start chatting. They have basic text chatting to Audio and video chat rooms.


  • You can perform audio calls.
  • Video calls can be done through a webcam.


  • You can use it after giving just basic details.


  • Always refrain from giving your details to a stranger.

Stranger meetup

Stranger meetup was created for people who are trying to find new friends. They offer public chat rooms that are free to use, and you have to create an account to use their features.

They have private and public chat rooms. You will get notifications when your friends message you. You can talk to strangers without creating an account, but to get better facilities, it is better to register and create an account.


  • You can receive notifications and pop-ups when your friends text you.
  • You can talk to people without creating an account.
  • They offer public and private chat rooms.


  • You can use it without creating an account.


  • Disclosing your identity can be risky.


Chatblink is one of the best websites that allows you to chat with random strangers across the globe. This site has a mobile app as well.

This app has a lot of addictive features that make it hard for a person to stop using it. This app has a classy structure. This app allows users to create an authentic profile by just giving the basic information.


  • The app has a classy design.
  • You can start chatting without creating an account.
  • It gives you an opportunity to chat in many rooms at the same time.
  • Chat rooms of a person’s interest are available.
  • This platform gives a lot of importance to your privacy.
  • You can text in this.


  • You can create verified profiles on this by giving your details.
  • You can exit a chat anytime you want to.


Chatiw is a platform that allows you to meet random people from around the world. It is a free website, and you don’t have to pay to get its services. This platform can be accessed on both desktop and mobile phones. It has an app on the play store as well.

You have to select a nickname and a screen name with the age and the country you belong to and then start chatting with anyone you want. To get better features, you can get a VIP membership for a fee. This app does not display any of your personal data.


  • You can find both friends as well as people looking for their soul mates on this platform.
  • You have an option to block a user if they behave inappropriately.
  • This platform allows you to send emojis and have an interactive session.


You have an option to block any user who is suspicious.


You won’t be able to know the real identity of the person.


Chatrandom is a free platform where strangers can video call each other. This app is one of the most popular webcamming apps of all time. You can join a chat easily, and it is up to you whether you want to create an account or not. It has a simple design that is very easy to use.

This website also offers a paid membership at a fee. You can also login into this platform through your social media handles. You can also text in this app. You can download this app on your mobile and video call through your phone.


  • You can chat with random people on this website. Paid members have an option to set their preferences.
  • It has a feature that allows you to video call four people at the same time.
  • Gay men have an opportunity to connect.
  • There are different chat rooms depending on your choice.


  • You can log in through your social media.


  • To get better options, you need to get a paid version.
  • You cannot chat anonymously, and you have to register to use this platform.


Bazoocam is an online platform formed for strangers across the world to meet and become friends. The more time you spend on this website, the more addicted you are to it.

You can set a nickname and gender and start chatting with people. Bazoocam frequently monitors its website. Anyone seen with inappropriate behavior is banned from the website. It has a feature where you can add people to become friends.


  • You can set your preferences and match people with that.
  • You can make an account and add friends to it.
  • You chat with people who are near you or in your location.
  • You can play games with strangers.
  • You can video call four people at the same time.
  • You can text and video call.


  • You talk to people in your area.
  • All the features are available for free.


Chatroulette is an online platform where random people can video call each other. Strangers are paired randomly, and the chat is initiated when a person goes into the website.

The person can always cancel the chat if they are uncomfortable and begin another chat. You can do audio chat and video chat with strangers. Kids will get rejected by the system of facial recognition where it says, “search rejected due to detection of possible underage face”.


  • Before initiating a chat, you will have to do facial recognition.
  • There’s a report option, where more than 2 people report about a person, the person gets temporarily banned from using Chatroulette.
  • It also prevents underage users from using this website.


  • You can cancel a chat anytime and join another.
  • You do not have to register.
  • Underage users are not allowed to use it.


  • It does not have the texting feature anymore.

Final Words

In the modern world, people use modern technologies to communicate with each other. There are various online chatting applications that provide free chatting with strangers globally.

In this article, we have selected some of the best online chatting sites that are free of cost and provide full security to their users. Hope, we helped you in searching for the best site that meets all your requirements.

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