Our aim is to make this world a better place by bringing like-minded people together. We believe that the internet is full of great people and it would be a brilliant idea to connect these amazing minds together. Were you looking for the best random chatting website? You are at the perfect place. Start talking!

We make this possible by letting you talk and chat with random strangers all over the world.

Goals of Chatmates

Our enthusiastic team is working hard to solve the following challenges:

  • Meet New People Online

    We allow you to use our platform to make new friends and grow your social network. Chat with cool people all over the world in our free private chat rooms.
  • Share Knowledge

    This is the information age. Everyone knows something that you don’t know. Why not talk and share with people?
  • Enjoy & Have Fun!

    We want to build relationships and friendships. We get happy when we see happy people around us. We hope you will have an enjoyable chatting experience on our chat app.
  • Get Public Opinion

    Want to discuss something you feel shy about sharing with your friends? Ask a random stranger!
  • Reduce Social Awkwardness

    Do you feel shy talking to new people ? Use our free chat website to boost your self confidence.
  • Self-Evaluation in Private Chat Rooms

    Do you think people talk to you only because you are pretty ? Break the stereotypes and have the opportunity to know people based on how they are rather than how they look.

 Have a Fun!