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Chat Avenue com has been established back in 1999 which stays popular and makes it among those pioneers on the industry. It’s 19 rooms.

We took a look to find out what all the fuss is all about. Is it secure enough, and how can this operate in general.

Subscription Plan

Chat avenue is a free platform & has been out here since forever, and it is most likely an older website than Craigslist. So as any other sites back in the day it was free to use and we knew about subscription plans back then & its still free to use!

chat avenue chatting site

What Audience Look Like?

It remained free. There are no hidden surfaces, to access more you would have to cover or some thing as we see with contemporary chat rooms.

All rooms are all free to join. Create your accounts, add and modify the details in your chat avenue profile, and upload images/videos as you want. There is a feature send members whispers, send messages, and to include people as your friends, its a great platform to make new friends!

Is there any age restrictions?

There are not any age limitations that are particular — anybody can join Chat Avenue regarding their era. The vast majority of users are between 20 and 40 years of age. Nevertheless 15 years old may coup-up on  the platform. So look for a different place for the teen chat & the majority of the young men and women are speaking here.

What about scammers?

Since there are no age restrictions for the registration & you will find no prevention’s in the profiles or scammers. Each chat group will have a moderator of 2 people who is monitoring the activities of the group. So if some strangers feel odd for you, feel free to report them to the moderators.

Interface of the Chat Avenue Teen Rooms

The website is simple, and a design of the chat rooms that reminds us all of the sites which were popular back. It is possible to observe that each chat group has its own text & color even though the design is flawless. You can find it with the tiny details, like the motif of the chat, emojis, gif’s and theme songs that is on the background.

How to Sign UP?

Chat Avenue offers you to enroll or connect the stage as an anonymous guest, entirely up to you. Anyone can join, all you want to is the password used and your username to access all chats that you want. To become an active person that can combine all chat rooms type in your email, think of a username and the password, upload a cool selfie to your avatar — that’s it.

How To Create Chat Avenue Profile?

You won’t find that lots of details about the individual. There are just two basic details that you could find in particular, it is age, gender, and their username. Plus to a description on themselves a profile photo that might be overlooking, and their online status.

Perform A User Search In The Website

Chat Avenue doesn’t have any kind of function to reach out some people which may connect you with users ID or profile name that are potential according to your criteria or personal preferences. . You may send a private friend request to the people from the group chats.

It’s the list of its people around, as well as your preferable location or any area you want. You ought to be a registered member on the Chat Avenue platform before being able to add buddies. When you complete that step so you can focus on those people who are online and ready to chat now you have to produce their offline or online status and the list of your friends.

How to Connect & Chat

There is not any charge for your messaging, but only after you make your own personal account. It is easy because of the chat rooms are theme-divided, to find like-minded people. There are constantly active users that don’t hesitate so you’ll be entertained away to begin the conversation. You may even create sexting talks , this is not prohibited here.

Is there any Chat Avenue Mobile App or APK?

There’s no app. You can access the platform via your mobile or desktop/laptop browser — Chat Avenue recommends utilizing Chrome, Firefox & Edge Browsers.

Find Chat Rooms


Let’s take a look at the rooms which Chat-Avenue has to offer. Select on the ones that you would like to combine and don’t waste time exploring them all.

Teen Girls ROOM

This chat group is for students or graduates that are gathered to meet new people and talk the topics that may worry them school-wise to more. Everyone share their expertise or can ask a question, there are a section specially for the girls to be get mingled!

Adult Chat Room

If your more than 18 years old then you can enter in this group and have fun here. You’ll find there ar as much as 2k users each day who are ready to discuss sexual issues, and sexting in private messages. You will see the list of rules that moderators expect you to follow you and respect them. Otherwise, you will be throw out of the chat rooms.

Singles Chat Room

Kind of a chat room that attracts singles from all around the world that also contains the major cities in the world. The team is easy-going and friendly. You can talk about topics that bother you or you wish to get off your chest. The environment is relaxing and friendly.

Dating Chat Rooms

In this chat room you can enter anonymously or as a registered user. Individuals that are in a relationship and ones would be met by you. You request relationship advice and you may discuss your thoughts . Additionally, flirting is okay here with open or private messages.

Casual Chat Rooms

Users are welcome to join this chat or without any topic; you can participate and share your life events with strangers which can be become your close friends and for your lifetime.

Teen Chat Rooms

Chat Avenue claims to be the group chat for teenagers all over the world. Share any thoughts that you have as a teen and find people that will share their personal experiences. It’s a comfortable and secure place, for teen age kids to take deep dive in the world of the internet!

Kids Chat Rooms

Another group for underage kids who meet with new individuals in the age group and will share their thoughts. If you are under 13 years old — you would need your parents’ permission before joining to be moderated.

Gay Chat Rooms

Safe and comfortable environment to meet other gay guys. You may talk with over a hundred users who are online right now. You may share your fears and expertise to find assistance.

Girls Chat Rooms

Girls community to spill all the gossip and find new friends with the same gender. Feel open and free about anything since there are not any men involved in these discussions that you want to talk about.

Live Face To Face Chat Rooms

Real-time chat about any potential issue. You have an issue to talk or a query this where you should go. Group retains around 200+ users throughout the day. Always someone to talk with.

Video Chat Rooms

It has 200-500 members who are online within the day. This section of chat room needs latest browsers which can handle online video calls and show you other users screen, we advice you to use Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or any other good and latest browser to use this service. Awesome way to get to know people and avoid texting.

Sports Talk Chat Rooms

Without any introduction — you know what to discuss here. Rumors, all the latest news, highlights out of any sport. It is possible to discover folks to share your hobby with & share your thoughts about your favorite sports teams!

Music Chat Rooms

The music industry is wide, which means you can discover friends here to speak about your favorite musicians or bands in addition to go to concerts together. It can be used by you as a guest user and as a member.

Lesbian Chat Rooms

Cool group for lesbian talk or we can say the girl talks but for real! You can get your date or just a friend who wants to share her thoughts about world or their respected sexual life!

Video Games Rooms

The gaming world got the boom and you need someone to discuss your gaming strategies or you opinions on games then this is a right place to do so, find strangers to talk about any possible news in newest PC features the game universe, and way far more. Explore the group chat and start speaking to your potential friends.

Teen Boys Chat Rooms

Same as the chat for women, here are boys only, no women allowed. To participate in the discussions you want to be over and 13. There are you have in your mind.

Mobile Topic Chat Rooms

No specific topics required here besides that all the online consumers are currently using their mobile devices right now. There are no downloads needed but the web browser to use the services. You can bring up any issue of problem regarding mobile & tabs!


                                 You Can Use Webcam to Chat With Other People On Chat Avenue

How to Do a CAM Chat

This room looks a like Chatroulette video chat, in which you can randomly chat with people around the globe. The moderators do not offer any info and indicate to be more cautious with individuals, but we must concur about that.

Safety and privacy

The safety is low. There’s not any method to monitor the users that entered the platform. It’s possible to monitor the API speech, because some may use VPN to conceal their site, but that can be confusing.

To protect against any issues, we don’t share your individual information and would suggest being cautious with people on the internet.

How to to Hookup On Chat Avenue

The opportunity of hooking up with somebody is moderate. You will never know exactly how things will proceed at any individual particularly. Still, is a possibility if the individual is on your town — no warranties. Chat Avenue isn’t a free adult dating website  for everyone there are some VIP Plans.


How to find a perfect match!

You have to put your criteria in the search fields of the room search and you may get what you want, the algorithm works pretty good and you will get your match!



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