Chatiw – Best Strange Chatting App Right Now In 2020?


Looking for casual chat or a hookup with some boy/gal? then Chatiw might be choice for you, if you are trying to find a platform where you can talk to strangers and become friends or a little more.

The algorithm of the chatiw search function finds you result of those people in your region and the other places near you and works as per your location.

The site is legal and safe to play with as well as the free version of the website is decent to get some real hangout with people you don’t know.

chatiw app review

Read this review whether this this chatting app will work best for you or not and if you would like to understand more about this platform then please continue read this review.

Chatiw is a interface that allows you to talk or around the globe by simplifying the procedure for meeting and getting to know someone online. Famous in United Kingdom, Germany and the United States Of America, this app site does not require any registration.

It’s possible to start chatting with strangers right away for free & let then know you properly. Chatiw’s uniqueness is anonymity (like hide your real identity before you confirm about other persons legitimacy) , which makes it much easier for you to keep your information safe. You don’t need to talk about your personal life or share any picture of yours & any information if you don’t want to.

It is the very best place to start if you’re a newcomer to the area of online. Taking steps is easy with Chatiw.  The approach to hookup chat rooms brings users here mostly. App and the site are simple to use, which makes it a good option for many people.

A good deal of readers have asked for a review of this website, and I am going to present a overview of Chatiw now.

What Makes Chatiw APK Different?

chatiw chat rooms apk

Chatiw has marked itself as platform and a chat service which will lead you and has been in the marketplace since 2009. It gives you the opportunity to meet with people fast and easily.

The concept is to let strangers from all parts of the world and they find people with similar or varied interests, connect with one another, and chat without providing any info. You do not need to register with the site to begin chatting with other users.

It means that you don’t even have to talk about your email id or your physical address, there’s no demand for any password. All you have to do is enter some info like your nickname. Chatiw has an option where you could click the ‘Use GPS’ option to allow the site, so you can meet or get messages from people around you.

This will provide you with an opportunity if that is what you want to talk to people in your area. We’ve listed below, Chatiw’s overall overall performance.

Overview of the Chatiw App 

Chatiw gets around estimated visits per month- 1.90 million (for as we know till month August 2020).

Chatiw is a chat that is simple service that provides what it promises. The website is meant flirting, and sexting. It offers you a platform have some fun and to find someone with similar tastes.

You can send messages to users or utilize the cam chat option to chat with them. It’s precisely what some people seem to prefer though the website does not offer more in terms of the spice quotient.

Those who are looking for a simple, mild, and free sexting, chatting site, find Chatiw satisfying. If you’d like to enjoy the features of this website Nevertheless, you opt for a paid membership and may make an account.

There are some features you get when you upgrade your membership but not much recognizable, so if you choose to go with free plan and have fun that’s okay too!

Users will need to put in the captcha code to test if they are humans or not, It can get irritating, but since it is totally free to use, one can’t complain much. Another advantage of membership is that you get access to client care solutions and able to create and highlight your profile, and trigger the Ban Priority alternative.

The anonymity does make it difficult to know who you are talking to at times.

chatiw chatting rooms

If you’re one of those who prefer to know a bit more about the individual, a paid membership is your thing to do. We recommend you to not disclose some of your information that is personal or private.

Details like bank information, house address, or office place should not be shared. Since Chatiw doesn’t collect information from customers (because of their application information format ), we are uncertain how they confirm accounts of users and detect the imitation ones.

You will need to be careful when chatting with somebody or exchanging information. Obviously, you can block an individual / profile should you feel uneasy. The site will ban the blocked person for 48 hours.

The Chatiw App is said to be much easier to use than the web site variant. There is A reason that the mobile device app may be used anytime from any place.

It’s possible to keep things private when using the program just as many people would have access. One of the greatest things we like about Chatiw app download are the distinctive features on the website.

There are equally Special and standard features, but what makes Chatiw popular and separates it from the websites from the niche are the following attributes:

Website: Would not it be cool if you have to read a bit about meeting new men and women? Sites written by relationship pros who give hints about understanding relationships, and most importantly, understanding yourself.

From knowing how to engage in conversations without appearing awkward to how to steer clear of people who make you wary, the blog section shares articles that cover a vast array of topics.

If you are a new user who is still attempting to find a way to speak with strangers, reading the sites will help in a lot of ways.

Chat Background: Located at the top corner of the page with all the inbox attribute, this will keep an eye on your chat during that session. Found with all the inbox attribute at the corner of the page, the history feature keeps track of your chat.

Safety Tips: Since Chatiw does not conduct any verification of user accounts, providing some security tips is a good idea.

The hints list out the dangers involved when surfing via the internet world. The existence of scammers, bogus profiles, offenders, etc. is emphasized in the tips.Users are advised to not discuss personal and confidential information about themselves with strangers.

Other tips: You can click on a random link which may appear in your chat conversations. It’ll take you to shows or some new chat room, based on the hyperlink.

If you’re searching for an adventure, multiple partners, or any hot live show, this feature is something you ought to try. The links can appear in almost any conversation conversation, and you can ignore them.

Chatiw Subscription Plans

The free version of Chatiw is rather adequate. You can join chat rooms and send messages, including emojis and pictures.

You may look up your conversation history. You search for other members can edit and complete your profile, and block users you don’t want to interact with.

However, there’ll always be advantages of opting for a membership. Especially, if you are a frequent user of the website.

You do not have to login each time, In case you’ve got a paid membership. The first benefit of owning a paid subscription is that there would be no advertisements flashing on your screen.

You can reserve a nickname for yourself and also have a VIP badge reflecting in your accounts. There’s no limit to the amount of messages and images you can send to other users. It is possible to share telephone numbers and links along with different members.

Chatiw provides VIP service services for paid memberships. Chatiw has 4 kinds of subscription programs that are premium. You may opt for any one depending on your requirements.

The one-month subscription at Chatiw prices $4.95. You have to pay $25.95 for a six-month membership and $49.95 for a yearlong membership.

Now, if you are confident you need to be a part of Chatiw for the remainder of your lifetime, you are able to pay them $99.95 and be a life member.

The site doesn’t force you update your account or to opt for the version that is paid. That means you can take time to decide about the kind of membership you’d want. A membership will make app and the website favorable but does not offer any great extra capabilities.


Chatiw is an excellent program that’s user friendly, mild on cost-efficient option, and to create a new friends online. It is a great way to enjoy your free time, if you like to chat with people. You can get different kinds of people with a mindset that is diverse, and is a chance which somebody can be got by you in the chat room.

You can quickly move to personal chat from room, and that’s also free. It is indeed a fantastic advantage of using Chatiw. Chat history becomes auto-deleted following a session is over, and that’s a real boon to relish.

There’s no obligation of profile deletion as inactivated profiles become deleted. There’s the facility of obstructing an individual should you would like to. These conveniences that are fundamental matter a lot for users that are online, and the dose is exactly offered by Chatiw.

But of course, there’s a big BUT. Maybe Chatiw is not the right platform for you, if you’re searching for a relationship. Most of the profiles have been made here for pleasure and also for enjoying a conversation with people that were anonymous, and there’s hardly any scope to flip it into a relationship that was lingering.

But among the advantages of utilizing Chatiw is its security features. If you maintain the safety protocols, and if you follow the safety tips (indicated by the website ), you’ll get to enjoy the safest chatting fun here which can also be free of charge or at an affordable price range. We find it worth trying! Why don’t you?


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